Alternatives to Remote Desktop Service


RDP is fine, license policy less so. Let’s see what can be done with it.Apps

At the outset, I would like to remind you that MS wants to be paid for any type of connection, and the desktop versions are not designed to operate as servers.

I was amused by the opinion of the guys from CZ, that they don’t want to pay for something they don’t enjoy, and they stand up for it pretty hard. I agree with that in principle. I bought Windows Server, and what I do with it is my business.

(In other words, even if the RDP service will be performed by a third-party sw, you should have purchased RDP CALs from MS in an appropriate amount, which, however, starts to cost a little bit more money with the increasing number of users).

OK, back to the point.

As a free option – RDPWrap.

The guys say that they just modify termsrv.dll with commands so that it behaves as it should :-).

Support from W7 and above, up to 15 connections, and they are said to be able to maintain both local and remote sessions concurrently, and even shadow (connection from server console to RDP session) can handle it.




Quite an interesting thing for reasonable money.

It handles USB peripherals, it has its own client, but of course you can also use origo from MS.

Possibility of unregistering the license and re-registration on another machine.

It happens sporadically that windows update disables this as well, and the guys are extremely prompt and apparently when you notify us of a problem, they usually already know about it and will immediately send you a link to download a patch, which will put it back on its feet.

Both RemoteAPP and Load Balancing should know.



Hehe guys say you don’t need RDP CALs. In terms of what I described above about licensing server services from the MS pen, ..choose yourself.

RemoteAPP, USB, own Universal Printer driver (according to members on the forums, it is said to be Install and forget), HTML5 (client via browser), Load balancing, ..



I have no experience.