Backup MS SQL


As long as it is backed up in a small way, it is not a problem to run the script and dump it, for example, on a NAS.

But we needed to upload it to FTP, so we were looking for something that could be used.

SQLBackupAndFTP can back up MSSQL, MySQL and Postgre. I was interested in MS SQL.

Target destinations can be FTP, NAS, and various cloud shit.

In the free version, it knows a maximum of 2 databases. Of course, this can be bypassed with the Before backup script, which backs them up for us in advance, and the application itself completes what it has to do.

In addition to the DB, it can also back up files.

The funny thing is that even if you only want to backup files, there must be some connection to the DB server (even if you don’t use it, logic like a pig).

File backup can be a part of the whole job together with DB.

The Scheduler can do it, it can send emails on success/failure (via gmail, through their internal server, or through your own), it can zip, encrypt, clean up in the destination (delete files older than xx days), it can do more destination (on a regular basis, or when the primary one has a problem).